Tim Guiles


A little bit about Tim Guiles

The Early Years

Growing up in Maine - - - my first job was delivering newspapers on my bike - - - 

Education and Job Experiences

Graduated from Dartmouth College in 1981 with 2 engineering degrees.  Later, did graduate studies in Environmental Engineering at Johns Hopkins Univ.

My jobs: Robotics software Engineer, Entrepreneur, Farmhand, VT certified Librarian,  Logger (part-time), Tiny House Builder,  Piano Teacher, Choral Accompanist, Musical Theater Director.

My volunteer work has included: Hospice, Literacy Tutor, Project Independence, EMT, Habitat for Humanity, Washington Electric Co-op Board, Prison volunteer.

Tim Today

Today, I live in a little solar powered house that I built on Carver Street in Brandon.  I play the piano for a living - - - including the Vermont Symphony Orchestra Chorus, the Middlebury College Community Chorus, and the Vergennes Residential Home.  I also volunteer at the Rutland Prison and serve on Restorative Justice Panels.

I am a member of the progressive party, and currently the Brandon Progressive Party Caucus Chairman.

Some of The Issues that Matter

The Economy

I believe that a strong, local economy is the foundation to a vibrant and sustainable future that promotes a high quality of life for all of us.

Minimum Wage should keep up with the cost of living.  If you work, you should be able to afford housing, food, and healthcare.


We need to see education spending as an investment in our future.

As the VT student population continues to decline, we must continue to be thoughtful about school consolidation.


Global warming is real - - - and there are real consequences here in Vermont.  We must use the best science to make legislative choices to create policies that do their best to mitigate causes of climate change.

One possibility, which I believe deserves full consideration, is a carbon tax - - - to use market forces to steer consumption away from carbon pollution and towards cleaner alternatives.

My Platform

Economy & Agriculture

A strong, local economy is the foundation to a vibrant and sustainable future.  I like the idea of creating a publicly owned state bank, which would invest state monies into our local economy, instead of Wall Street banks.

A diverse variety of small scale agricultural operations, such as family farms, orchards and woodlots, are essential to Vermont’s food security, and economy.

Education, Healthcare, & Taxation

I believe that a strong public education system is an essential foundation to citizen participation in a democratic society.

I believe health care is a human right, and support universal, single-payer health care, birth to death, provided through a nonprofit, publicly financed system.

Taxes are essential to fund our social and economic needs and should be generally based on one's ability to pay.

Environment & Energy

Vermont’s natural environment is the foundation of our health, quality of life, and economy.  Thus, I understand the need to be a good steward of this treasure so future generations can enjoy the same benefits as we do.

I believe that it is possible to take positive and effective steps to significantly reduce, and ultimately eliminate, fossil fuel use.

Public Safety & Gun Laws

While it is important to have jails to hold offenders who pose a threat to public safety, I believe in prison reform so that offenders can be rehabilitated and subsequently re-enter our communities more successfully.

I support reasonable gun legislation that truly makes our communities safer.  I will ALWAYS defend the right of a hunter to own a gun.

Public Participation, Civil Rights, and Government Reform

A healthy democracy requires public participation.  I will work to amplify the voices of the people, and to reduce the power of corporate lobbyists.

I support the establishment of a statewide Zero-Tolerance standard to eliminate all forms of discrimination and harassment in schools and workplaces.

We all want fair, accountable, and representative elections.  I support strong campaign finance laws to reduce the influence of corporations.  I believe that it is possible to come up with a Ranked Choice Voting system that will do a better job of reflecting the ACTUAL preferences of the voters (such as they are using in Maine).

Transportation & Housing

The transportation system is essential to a vibrant economy - - - however, it is one of the main contributors to carbon emissions.  I support the development of thoughtful legislation that promotes public transportation that works in Vermont - - - including bicycles, railroads, and buses.

Safe, stable, and affordable housing should be available to all Vermonters.  I support efforts to increase the supply of affordable housing in Vermont.

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